The holidays are upon us once again. There’s no reprieve from the reminder – grocery, department stores, pharmacies and even your favorite coffee shop are dripping with twinkling lights, garlands, menorahs, enticing holiday smells of latkes and peppermint, and beautiful gifts specially purchased and wrapped, just waiting to be opened.

If you are approaching this holiday season without a loved one, and I don’t care if It’s a recent loss or happened many years ago, it’s a difficult time. For me personally, I don’t like the holidays knowing it requires putting in a lot ‘work’ getting through it. The holidays magnify our losses in general, but the adornment in every direction, the parties, the traditions remind grievers of happier times, holidays with the one who is missing from the “party”.

SoulWorkers, this is your time to take gentle care of YOU. You need a game plan going in. Here are some ways to prepare and make it through the holidays:

  1. If you find yourself with an overwhelming task, help yourself by asking for help from a family member or friend. Don’t assume people are too busy to help.
  2. Open yourself up to creating different holiday traditions if the old ones are too difficult.
  3. Let the tears flow. You don’t need to be strong for everyone. LOVE UP on YOU, and do something special for yourself.
  4. Include the name of your loved one in conversations.
  5. Do what feels right for you. Nourish yourself in every way possible.
  6. Allow yourself time to grieve. Give yourself permission.
  7. You don’t have to say yes to every invite. Pace yourself, but don’t isolate either.
  8. Surround yourself with people who can support you.

Remember to be gentle, nourishing, and loving to yourself. I wish you a peaceful holiday filled with many blessings.