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Eat what nourishes the body. Do what nourishes the soul. Thank what nourishes the mind.

My Signature Program – Moving Forward from Loss to Life

I’ve created a signature program to help women like you heal the physical aspects of grief, and begin to care for yourself in a different way.

For so many of us, body aches and physical pains show up while we grieve… feeling like you’re in someone else’s body.

Why is this happening to my body?? How do I find peace with this?


Grief totally wrecks our sleep. When sleep is interrupted, there is a lack of energy to move through the day, and it increases foggy thinking and elevates our cortisol levels. Time to get it under control before it controls you. We will go over the ways to implement good, restful sleep.


How you nourish yourself during grief can affect energy levels and improve your health. Surviving on coffee all day just doesn’t cut it. Whether you are eating too much, too little or have gut problems that have manifested since your grief began, we will find the foods that work for YOU and address digestive issues so you can feel whole again.


We will find some type of movement to help alleviate those body aches, and increase your concentration so you feel good once again.


Mindfulness is not a woo-woo or unattainable thing – it’s something we should practice daily to create new habits. Being mindful helps us to be clear and focused. We’ll go over meditation, stress relief and other practices that can help you increase your mindfulness and your connection to spirit, if you so desire.

If you’re looking for a body, mind and soul connection, this program is for you.

However you continue to care for yourself, please know that a life full of purpose and love, health, abundance, relationships, and wisdom is crucial to being content.

Are you ready to get Simply Nourished?

*This program works best when combined with the Grief Recovery Method, or it can also be used alone.

This loss to life freebie helps you to take a look at where you are in your loss and what you need to focus on moving forward.