Integrative Bodywork

The body keeps a Physical Memory of all your Experiences.

I have been a licensed Massage Therapist for 20+ years, but I have now decided to focus on energy work. I have a few modalities to choose from, and I work with Reiki, Acupressure, and stretching.


Reiki is an energy healing method that allows positive energy to flow into the body through the hands of the practitioner to the client. Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation response and helping the body to balance itself from a very deep level. Reiki is shown to decrease pain, speed healing, and relax the body and mind. I am a Reiki Master.

Integrative Bodywork

As an Integrative Bodyworker I understand the importance of releasing grief and stress that is contained in the muscles, organs, and cellular memory of our bodies. Stretching increases flexibility, improves posture, helps to manage stress, decreases muscle stiffness, and increases range of motion.


Involves working the meridians, or energy pathways, that are associated with the organs of the body. I will stretch the body and use my hands to apply pressure to the meridians. 

Grief Reiki

As a grief coach, I also offer grief Reiki to those who need it.

It is commonly understood that unresolved grief is stored in the mind in the form of memories. (Remember, grief isn’t exclusive to death and unresolved negative feelings such as unforgiveness, fear, and anger are rooted in grief.) However, the physical body also stores an expression of grief in the form of tension, blocked circulation and energy flow.

Reiki provides a sense of calm and balance and it increases one’s ability for self care.

Bodywork helps to untangle the physiological imprint contained within the muscles, organs and cellular body and offers the physical body the opportunity to drop the heavy load resulting in complete relaxation. Bodywork will assist you to feel rebalanced, free and whole possibly for the first time since your grief began. It will help you to finally drop that heavy load, and connect yourself, body and spirit. Though it is best used in conjunction with the Grief Recovery Program, the procedure may be used alone as well.

Dr. Max Gerson is spot on when he said, “Successful therapy requires harmony of the physical and psychological functions in order to achieve restoration in its entirety.” To often we assume the affects of grief reside only in the emotional body and forget the physical body, grief bodywork addresses this.

No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.

– Deepak Chopra

Grief can become contained in the muscles and organs of the body. Taking this quiz will help you determine if bodywork is a good fit for you.