Like most teenagers, my 16-year old’s diet outside our home is one that would make Michelle Obama cringe as Cheetos and Cheeze-It’s, the other orange food group as I jokingly refer to it, are NOT IN THE PLAN.


Fortunately, for Kate, I prefer the outside grocery isles and would let her starve if she doesn’t like what I have lovingly cooked. Today, the semi-vegetarian style of eating I cook and crave is commonly known as “flexitarian”. So, flexitarian boiled down, simply means a diet that is plant-centric, without restrictions. Meaning… if you want to eat something other than plants, go for it, but come on back to the garden when you’re done.


Today, I often hear, “I don’t have time to prepare all those vegetables or they are mushy, bland, bitter and even boring”. I can tell you straight up that if you know how to prepare veggies – it doesn’t take long and boy will they taste great! However, if that’s you, you aren’t alone as studies have shown that despising veggies isn’t just for kids – the CDC has proven this fact by analyzing the percentage of each State’s population that are consuming the recommended fruit and vegetable intake and the numbers are SHOCKING!


The Average is 13% Fruits & 9% Vegetables!


The standard american diet impacts our health greatly.  The foods you choose can be either medicine or poison.  Quotes, Maureen Herrera of Simply Nourished.



The statistics prove a diet loaded with preservatives, refined sugars, processed this and that may taste great, but the impact on our health is astounding. Hopefully, the facts will persuade you to spend a bit more time in the outside isles!




The statistics of the impact of the Standard American Diet are astounding.

written by guest writer, Molly Rosenbaum