I recently completed Grief Recovery with Maureen Herrera and it helped me learn why I did the things I did, and it put my life in perspective. Doing the exercises in the Grief Recovery book was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but with Maureen’s encouragement, I persevered, and in the end, I learned who I am and what my story is and that it’s okay! I feel confident and free of any past issues and now I can move on and live a happy life!

Dee M.

I learned how to stop passing bad info on to my kids regarding grief and symptoms associated to it. Better understanding of grief and great ways to deal with it, instead of masking it or trying to ignore it.

Chrysta S.

Maureen is great. I cannot imagine how a person can survive all that she has been through and still be able to help us so much. I function so much better and I’m able to talk about my husband without falling apart.

Jo M.

I feel empowered, stronger and finding so much joy and happiness with myself, family and friends in my life.

Renay R.

I am accepting a lot of things much better. Thank you Maureen for the wonderful things you do for us! God Bless.

S. Jean

I discovered things about myself and about my relationship with mom that I would have not discovered without this program. I am feeling stronger every day. I feel hope for my life as it continues in the future because I feel more healing every day.

Christine W.

After the loss of my Mom, there was so much to take care of I became overwhelmed. The Grief was deep for me. Along with the grief recovery program, I had grief bodywork. The connection with both modalities was awesome. I felt my heart open, my grief dissipated, my body relaxed and was able to see my way clearly. It was well worth it. Maureen was so helpful.

Reene H.

I saw Maureen for grief bodywork and was so absolutely pleased with the results. Before the session I was feeling anxious, stressed and my body felt tight. Afterward, I was so happy to feel the anxiety subside, and my body felt so relaxed. I was finally able to breathe.

Rebecca M.

Maureen is definitely the best! Because I work at a desk all day and have chronic aches and pains, Maureen’s massages always provide a relief that I very much appreciate.

Rob A

Maureen possesses all of the qualities of a great Massage therapist. She has technical expertise, and a caring nature, along with hands that work with the heart’s touch. I highly recommend a massage from Maureen

Trish R

Maureen is the best Prescott Reiki practitioner I have found. Working with her has helped me be more grounded and calm as I deal with normal life stressors that at times can feel anything but normal.

Erica R